1475 PALM COAST PKWY NW, PALM COAST, FL, 32137-4735 

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Fri. and Sat.:10:30am-10:30pm
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Reviewed by: theseth3 on: 2021/4/12 19:47:27
I just had to write a review because seeing some of the other reviews just don't make any sense to me. I've only had the food here a few times since I don't eat Chinese very often but I've tried a hand full of the Chinese restaurants in Palm coast and in my opinion this is probably the best one in town. I don't know where some of these people are coming from. The food is great and you get absolutely massive servings you could legit nearly feed two people with one combo meal. Yea the prices a touch high but pretty much the same as any other place I've had and it's expected for how much food you are getting just in general for eating Chinese takeout. So I really don't think it's a bad price at all. I think most people are just complaining. They super fast too. Put in the order when I leave and its ready when I get there even if I order there it's like 5 mins or so.
Reviewed by: dougpulaski on: 2020/12/3 9:13:54
To follow up on my food encounter from yesterday needless to say by 7pm I was on the toilet with a waste pail in my hands,bad case of food poisoning 6 hours in the bathroom and I feel like a train hit me. Be very careful if you plan on eating at this establishment.